Imagine waking up in a hot sweat. It’s a scorching summer day in Ottawa and the unthinkable has happened: your air conditioner has broken down.

While you are of course very uncomfortable, and any place but your home would be a better option at this point, the cost of fixing your air conditioner midsummer can be extremely costly.

We sincerely hope that this never happens to you. The good news? There are ways to avoid this tragedy. We have created the following list for you to reference to ensure that your air conditioner runs smoothly all summer long.

1. Perform Yearly Maintenance

Air conditioning units have parts that sit both inside your home, and outside of your home. Additionally, there are many parts internally that are crucial to your unit running smoothly.

If any of these components experience mechanical failure, it can be costly to fix, without a maintenance plan. Having a trained technician perform a yearly checkup can prevent mechanical failure and ensure you stay comfortable all summer long (with a little extra cash in your pocket).

2. Replace the Air Filter on Schedule

One of the most common reasons air conditioners break down is because homeowners forget to replace air filters on schedule.

A clogged air filter can cause an air conditioner to work harder to push cold air into the house, reduce the efficiency of the unit, and can cause the whole unit to break down.

We recommend changing an air conditioner’s air filter once a month, especially if your air conditioner is running constantly throughout the summer.

**Not sure when it’s time to change your air conditioners air filter? There are advanced thermostats that can automatically notify you when the time comes.

3. Ensure There are No Leaks in Your System

One of the main calls we get at Stan’s is that a homeowner’s air conditioner isn’t cooling as well as it should be. Sometimes this is a case of the unit’s refrigerant being low. Often times however, this is due to a leak in the unit itself.

If you think your air conditioning unit isn’t performing at it’s best, make sure you call a trained technician to check it out and fix it if need be.

4. Perform Regular Landscaping Around the Air Conditioner

Homeowner’s often neglect landscaping around their air conditioners. The result? Tall grass, shrubs, and other outdoor plants obstruct the airflow of the unit causing it to perform poorly.

Additionally, if there are any dirt or leaves that seep into the unit, the flow of air is blocked, causing the unit to work harder than it should to cool your home. This can lead to your air conditioner breaking down.

Ensure that regular landscaping around your home’s air conditioner is performed diligently to keep the unit running smoothly.

5. Invest in a Heating and Cooling System Maintenance Plan

Stan’s Heating and Cooling System Maintenance Plan is a way to ensure you are protected from the unexpected. Our Maintenance Plan insures your HVAC system at a very reasonable cost. Stan’s offers Parts and Labour plans for most heating and cooling systems starting as low as $250 per year. That means, a guarantee that for a calendar year you won’t have any costs associated with repairing your unit.

It’s Better to be Safe Than Sorry

A System Maintenance Plan ensures home comfort and added peace of mind knowing you wont have any out of pocket expenses associated with repairs, talk about a win-win situation! So there you have it folks: 5 ways to avoid having your air conditioner break down on you this summer and one solution to ensure you are covered if anything happens!.

A lot of the steps mentioned in this article you can do yourself. However, it is always a good idea to have a trained technician check out your home’s air conditioner to ensure that it is running the best that it can.

In the end, it will save you both time and money, while you stay comfortable all summer long.

Give Stan’s HVAC a call or contact us here to have one of our experts ensure your air conditioner is running as efficiently as possible.