Our last few blog posts have been about considerations to make when it comes to your home’s furnace; things you should consider before buying a new furnace and then actually buying said new furnace. However, if your current furnace is still in good working order, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be made to be even more efficient.

This winter has been pretty all over the place in terms of temperature so far (nothing new for Ottawa), but having stability with how your furnace works is important, in order to maintain a regular level of comfort in the home. In order to have a more efficient furnace, it’s crucial to understand certain issues that your furnace can face; the two frequent issues include: clogged exhaust intake pipes and dirty filters. Many pipes get blocked during really cold temperatures (during the winter season). In order to avoid issues, keeping your pipes as clean and clear from obstructions as possible. Dirty filters can cause your furnace to run poorly or shut off completely. Regularly changing the filter is a great way to prevent serious issues from arising.

It’s important to know that the two furnace efficiency issues mentioned above are the only two that a residential client (that isn’t an HVAC pro) should handle on their own; all other HVAC related issues should be handled by a trained professional. Here at Stan’s your Ottawa HVAC specialist, we take pride in creating the most comfortable environments for our clients. Learn more about our furnace maintenance services and contact us today!