Managing the quality of the air in your home is a key part of maintaining home comfort. Ensuring that all of your HVAC equipment (especially those related specifically to air quality such as air purifiers, humidifiers and filters) is optimized for your home is important, but did you know that certain plants can also aid in providing improved air quality?

‘NASA research has shown that certain houseplants are effective at removing some of the harmful pollutants that are found indoors. The NASA study identified the top houseplants that are most effective at removing these pollutants:

  • Palms including Areca, Lady, Bamboo, Dwarf Date palms
  • Rubber Plant
  • English Ivy
  • Peace Lily
  • Dracaena
  • Ficus Alii

Using their innate processes, they pull in air through leaves, moving those airborne chemicals down to their roots, out of your air supply.  Through transpiration, some plants release water from their leaves, which causes air to be pulled into the roots, where harmful airborne chemicals are converted to safe compounds. Houseplants also offer natural air quality improvements, including humidification, air purification, and mold control.’ (Will House,

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