How Power Outages Can Affect Your Home's HVAC - Stan's HVAC

An element of unpredictable weather is power outages, which can yield potentially detrimental effects to your home’s HVAC. At Stan’s we strive to empower our clients to position themselves to keep their family effectively protected in the event of the worst.

We have (and will continue to be) advocates of regular professional HVAC maintenance, in order to ensure the most comfortable home experience. When the factor of weather is added to the mix it can cause other potential issues that deserve thoughtful consideration. HVAC professional Janice Yarbrough noted that some of the causes of power outages/surges include: lightning/electrical storms, faulty or damaged electrical wiring, etc. More importantly, how it can affect your home’s HVAC is what everyone should be mindful of. “Surges can cause damage over time by wearing down your system; external power surge can result in an immediate breakdown or destroy your unit.” (

The best way to keep your home comfortable and your HVAC optimized is to stay effectively protected at all times, with the help of a professional home comfort specialist. Contact us to learn more.