When it comes to keeping your home warm this winter, one size does not always fit all. The size and age of your home, the number of rooms, and type of insulation – amongst other things – all play a role in which type of heating system will work best. From gas furnaces to boilers, gas fireplaces to heat pumps, Stan’s HVAC has the heating solution to get you through the frigid Ottawa winters.

How to Stay Warm with Natural Gas Furnaces

Natural gas is the most common heating fuel used today in Ottawa today. A, and a natural gas furnace offers you the comfort of consistent heat. Newer natural gas furnace systems even save you money because they are more efficient and offer money and emission savings that come with an energy efficient system.

How to Stay Warm with Boilers

Unlike a natural gas furnace which carries heated air, a boiler system distributes heat throughout your home by using radiant heating. Radiant heating heats the objects in a room rather than the air, making it an extremely efficient heating system. A boiler uses natural gas to heat water in a tank and that heat is then dispersed throughout your home in a piping system. This type of system does not require external venting and is often found either in older homes, in condos with a combined heating and hot water boiler, or in new homes with radiant floor heating.

How to Stay Warm with Gas Fireplaces

In combination with one of the above heating sources, a gas fireplace is another efficient home heating source. A gas fireplace has all the perks and ambiance of a wood burning fireplace, but without the hassle of chopping firewood or cleaning up ashes, chimneys, and flues! With the flick of a switch, a gas fireplace roars to life and becomes not only a realistic alternative to a wood fireplace, but a reliable source of heat as well. Most gas fireplaces are even equipped with a battery operated started, meaning you’ll have reliable heat even during a power outage.

How to Stay Warm with Heat Pumps

Heat pumps work by taking heat from one spot and sending it to another – so for instance, from the outside to the inside to heat your home in the winter. As you can guess, based on this system a heat pump isn’t enough as a single-source of heat, especially in our Canadian winters. They are, however, becoming more and more popular because they are highly efficient, environmentally friendly, safe (since they have no fuel source or hot surfaces), and improve air quality.

There are a lot of products on the market to heat your home, depending on which system you choose to use. If you are looking for a top-of-the-line natural gas furnace, Stan’s is a proud Bryant vendor and we’ll help you choose the right heating system to keep you warm this winter. Give us a call to book your consultation today.