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Stan’s Heating and Cooling System Maintenance Plan.

The best way to maximize your heating and cooling system’s efficiency and lifespan is with regular maintenance. This may involve keeping your system properly cleaned and tuned. Read on for more information about Stan’s Heating and Cooling System Maintenance Plan.

At Stan’s, our specially trained technicians ensure that your home comfort systems are working as they were designed to and as efficiently as possible.  It is said that having your system maintained regularly can often times double the lifespan of your equipment. It therefore makes perfect sense to have this routine maintenance performed annually.

Our technicians visually inspect all working components for wear. We can give you an assessment of how your equipment is holding up. Treat your system to thorough cleaning and it will repay you with a long efficient life.

Why Should I Invest in a Heating and Cooling System Maintenance Plan?

One of the other great reasons to have these systems maintained is so that you can have it insured at a very reasonable cost when it is just cleaned. We offer Parts and Labour plans for most heating and cooling systems starting as low as $250 per year. That means you not only get your furnace or air conditioner cleaned, but also a guarantee that for a calendar year you wont have any costs associated with repairing the unit.  Home comfort and added peace of mind knowing you wont have any out of pocket expenses associates with repairs, talk about a win-win situation!

For more information, check out our Parts and Labour plan page.

Heating and Cooling System Maintenance Plan

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