Winter is coming, and staying warm indoors is impossible without an effectively working HVAC system in your home. While looking for the best HVAC company in Ottawa is key, having an understanding of what HVAC really means and stands for just as important.

HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation, and Air Conditioning; it’s the system that provides heating and cooling services to all modern homes, buildings and structures in Ottawa. Its not just as simple as heating and cooling however; there is a science behind it, and our specialized HVAC technicians at Stan’s are experts at calculating thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer. The workload of a typical HVAC technician can include anything from design, installation, maintenance and the repair of HVAC systems.

As the outside weather changes throughout the seasons, the indoor environments change as well. Things like smoke, heat, moisture, dust and more can all be effectively managed with the right ventilation system. During the cold winter months, in extreme situations, without a proper heating system, your home or building can begin to freeze from the outside in. During the warm and humid summer months when temperatures rise, an effective air conditioning system can protect your home or against extreme humidity.

Since there is such a strategic and meticulous science behind HVAC systems and installations, it is important to pick a HVAC professional who you can trust and rely on to get the job done right. Contact Stan’s HVAC your Ottawa professional HVAC services in Ottawa for the best and most professional results!