Deciding to renovate your home is a big step toward improving the overall comfort (and value) of your property. Not only will you be able to give certain spaces in your home a refreshed look, the improvement will can optimize the integrity of the home as well.

If you’ve made the decision to renovate, it may be worth considering upgrading your HVAC system at the same time! Here are some reasons why updating your HVAC during a renovation is a great idea:

A Home Renovation May Damage Your Old HVAC: During a renovation, drywall and construction dust may find its way into your furnace or A/C unit which may reduce efficiency and increase the chance of a future breakdown.  Since the HVAC tends to take a beating during a renovation, it makes sense to update it near the end of a renovation project.

Keeping Up With Safety Regulations: Safety codes and standards are constantly being updated and new regulations pop up all the time.  This means that, if you have an older furnace or A/C unit installed in your home, many components of that unit may no longer be to code or meet current safety standards.

HVAC Updates & Home Reno’s Go Hand in Hand:  One of the most logical reasons to update your HVAC during a home renovation is simply because the work required tends to go hand-in-hand. Knocking down drywall is very common during basement renovations and would need to be done again for future HVAC updates if the update did not take place during the renovation process. So let’s say you complete a massive home renovation and then decide next year that you end up needing to replace your furnace, your dry wall would have to be cut through again, which means more work and repairs needing to be done on your home.” (Andy De Santis, northbaynipissingcom)

At Stan’s HVAC your Ottawa home comfort specialist, we can help upgrade or maintain your home’s HVAC system before, during or after a renovation (and all of the times in between!). Contact us to learn more.