In order to best serve our clients for the past 50 years, establishing and maintaining effective and efficient home comfort has been our main objective. Having your home’s HVAC equipment regularly inspected/serviced by a professional is very important, however having the right equipment installed and operating in the home in the first place is key.

When choosing a new furnace for instance, there are many things that someone should consider before moving ahead with any decision. This consumer search buying guide provides some important considerations to make, including:

• A programmable thermostat. These save energy by reducing the amount of work your furnace must do when no one’s at home. For each degree you turn down the thermostat during an eight-hour period, you can reduce your heating bill by about 2 percent. Programmable thermostats can keep the house at a lower temperature when you’re not home or at night. If you don’t currently have a programmable thermostat, replacing your existing thermostat is a job most homeowners can do themselves, say experts.
• Sealed combustion. This protects your home from carbon monoxide and is more energy efficient.
• A long warranty. The warranty on your furnace will vary according to the manufacturer and the HVAC company and/or installer. More efficient (and expensive) furnaces tend to have longer warranties than basic models. With a condensing furnace, it is especially important to have a long-term warranty on the heat exchangers. (Kelly Burgess,

Choosing new HVAC equipment for your home is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly; it’s an important investment in home comfort and energy efficiency. Consulting with your Ottawa HVAC professional first is always the best move to make. At Stan’s we pride ourselves on offering friendly professional service along with quality products. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you stay as comfortable in your home as possible, and make sure to take advantage of our furnace promo before it ends!