When to Get New HVAC Equipment - Stan's HVAC

When it comes to effectively managing the level of comfort in your home, prudent planning is everything. To facilitate the best possible environment for the members of your household, important factors (such as changes in weather) must be taken into account. Ottawa weather in particular can easily change with a moment’s notice, which makes being prepared for all potential scenarios very important.

Effective HVAC System

Achieving and maintaining a desired temperature requires an effective heating and cooling system (HVAC). In order to keep this system running at an optimal level, it’s important to assess just how efficient the different equipment that makes up the heating and cooling system is. The first thing to be mindful of is the age of your HVAC equipment; furnaces, boilers, air conditioners and the like which are 10+ years old may not be working as efficiently as they should be. The older the equipment gets, the greater potential risk you put your home and family in. A basement could become flooded if an old hot water tank bursts because it hasn’t been regularly maintained. The same goes for frozen pipes during the winter months; when they thaw, the damage could be catastrophic. With advanced age comes decreased effectiveness and efficiency of the home comfort system, and upgrading to new equipment is the best solution.

Cost & Energy Savings

When thinking about upgrading your home comfort system, another important consideration to make is the potential for long term cost savings. An older system isn’t as efficient as a new one, which means that it is not using its required energy as effectively as possible. This not only causes a drain on your system, but your wallet as well. A new system works better at keeping your home comfortable, uses energy more efficiently and is less susceptible to potential issues. This will help keep your family happier and more comfortable for a longer period of time.

Making your home more energy efficient is also good for the environment, and the government has programs to incentivize making more energy efficient heating and cooling choices for your home. According to Natural Resources Canada “more than half of all energy used by households goes to heat and cool the home”. In Ontario, the Green Ontario Fund provides rebates to citizens for important upgrades such as the furnace, central air conditioner and smart thermostats in order to best keep the home as comfortable and energy efficient as possible.

Choose Efficient Home Comfort Solutions

So, when is the best time to upgrade to new HVAC equipment? The best way to know for sure is to have your home’s HVAC equipment regularly inspected and maintained by a professional that you can trust. Stan’s HVAC Systems is a local home comfort business that has been proudly serving families in the Ottawa area for the past 50 years. Contact us and get a quote today!