Since the coldest part of the year has commenced (with temperatures only expected to get colder) it’s imperative to ensure that your home heating equipment is working the way it should be. When it comes to your furnace specifically, knowing that it’s working effectively can offer peace of mind and optimal home comfort.

Here are some important considerations to make in regard to your home’s furnace and how efficiently it’s running:

How old is your furnace?

If your furnace is past its 15-year mark and beginning to have maintenance issues, there is a very likely chance it will need to be replaced. It may be working, but it is likely not operating at maximum efficiency and your utility bills are probably at all time highs as a result.

Furnaces are like cars; the older they are, the more maintenance they need, usually incurring the most breakdowns in the last two years of their lives. If your furnace is roughly 15 to 20 years or older and you have a repair costing more than 15 percent of a new furnace, you should go ahead and replace it (because it is more likely to break down again soon).

Varying room temperatures

An inefficient and old furnace can result in some rooms being colder or warmer than others. This is likely the result of an old furnace and outdated duct system losing its ability to distribute heat evenly throughout the house.’ (Will Housh,

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