Air Conditioning Services in Ottawa

Air Conditioning Services in Ottawa

Stan’s HVAC is a trusted provider for air conditioning services in Ontario. We are proud to announce we were voted as the top choice for heating and air conditioning companies in 2019, and work every day to continue earning the title. Since we were founded in 1969, we have been striving to make our clients happy, and have done so throughout the years with our incredible service, products, and professionalism. Our staff are all highly trained and licensed, and you’ll work with one of them directly, not a subcontractor. We do everything we can to make sure you’re happy, from a free estimate up front to a satisfaction guarantee when we are done.

While Canada is known for its chilling winters, when summer hits, it can be just as uncomfortable. The last thing anyone wants is to come home from a long day at work to a sweltering house, and when you work with the experts at Stan’s HVAC, you’ll never have to. Here are the three main categories of air conditioning service we offer:

If you need any of these air conditioning services at your home or business, contact us today at (613) 237-4040 for more information!

AC Repair by Stan's Heating & Air Conditioning

A broken air conditioning unit can leave you sweaty and stressed, but not to fear! Our team can come out and repair your unit, replacing any broken parts and ensuring that it will run well for years to come. If anything, we find is beyond repair, we can get you a quote on a comparable new unit.

Furnace Installation by Stan's Heating & Air Conditioning

For new installs, we can put in a traditional central air system with ducts to all the rooms in your home. If you have a home with no ductwork, we can install a modern, ductless unit that takes up very little space and still offers incredible cooling capabilities.

AC Maintenance by Stan's Heating & Air Conditioning

On top of repairs and new installs, we also realize the important of routine maintenance. Air conditioning units, especially large-scale ones, are put under immense stress during the hottest days of summer. Unlike most heating units, the majority of central air units are usually outside, leaving them subject to the elements and animals.