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Professional Heating Services in Ottawa

When it comes to installing, repairing, and maintaining furnaces in Ottawa homes, leave it to the professionals at Stan’s Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ve been proudly serving homeowners since 1969, and we have no plans of slowing down. We combine efficiency and hard work with affordability. Throughout our process, we’ll let you know of everything we come across so you can stay in the loop with your HVAC system. Even though we’ve been in business for years, we stay on top of new technology and techniques to give Ottawa the attention and craftsmanship it deserves with their heating units. Whether you’re installing a new heating unit, repairing an existing one, or requiring maintenance to keep yours running, give us a call. We’re well-versed in all makes and models of HVAC units and can help you with your situation.


Our Services

Furnace Repair

As we all know, Canada’s winters are brutal and often tormenting. If your heater goes out in the middle of a blizzard, you need it fixed quickly and correctly. We offer fast scheduling repair services to keep you and your family safe and warm. Call us today for emergency repairs and other services. We’re here for you.

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A new furnace requires specific knowledge and tools to install properly. Our team is knowledgeable about all types of furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, and more. Let the experts install your new system without breaking the bank. We guarantee all of our work. We can even help you select a new furnace if yours is broken or outdated. With years of experience, we know what works best in your situation.

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If you want your furnace to last and you want to avoid breakdowns in the middle of winter, you need to conduct routine maintenance on it. Negligence is usually the downfall of furnaces and heating systems. We’ll make sure your heater is working properly and efficiently to save you on heating bills while avoiding breakdowns. Call us to ask about what our scheduled maintenance plans entail and learn about how our services can benefit you and your home.

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