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HVAC Products in Ottawa

We supply Ottawa with a wide variety of products to keep their homes and businesses comfortable. There are many different types, styles, manufacturers, and models for HVAC products. Because each home is different and requires different systems to stay comfortable year-round, we stock many different products. We proudly offer a full line of premier Bryant® Heating & Cooling Systems for our customers. When you need a new installation for a furnace, air conditioner, or other appliance, we’re first to recommend Bryant® as they routinely provide excellent products at competitive prices. We also offer select other brands as well, including John Wood ENERGY STAR gas water heaters. No matter your needs, we’ll find a solution together and keep your home comfortable and safe year-round. Call us today to schedule your installation appointment.

Various HVAC Products from Stan's in Ottawa, ON


Bryant® heaters use high-efficiency technology to reduce fuel and energy bills while still providing your home with dependable heat. We supply these along with furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps to keep you and your family comfortable even in the harshest blizzard.


Save money on costly energy bills while efficiently cooling your home in the summer with our air conditioner installations. We strive to provide your home with top-of-the-line air conditioning systems without breaking the bank.


It’s important to have a central brain for your HVAC system. New thermostats accurately measure and adjust your home’s temperature efficiently to reduce the time you’re running air conditioning or heating. This then saves you significantly on your energy bills.

Indoor Air Quality

Not only is it important to heat and cool your home in the respective seasons, but you should be concerned with the air quality as well. If somebody in your home suffers from acute allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues, a full-home air purifier can do just the trick. They filter out dust, dirt, and pollen particles that otherwise make breathing difficult. We also install home humidifiers to fight off the dry, cool winters.

Water Heaters

Keeping your home properly heated and making sure you have enough hot water for your family relies heavily on the quality of your water heater. The latest models of Bryant® water heaters work efficiently and cost-effectively to generate hot water quicker for your home.

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