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Expert Air Conditioning Services in Ottawa

At Stan’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide full-service air conditioning installations, repairs, and routine maintenance for Ottawa. We want you and your family to be comfortable year-round. Since 1969, we’ve been working hard to make our clients happy with our experience, techniques, and smiling service. All members of our staff are licensed, bonded, and insured to bring you guaranteed air conditioning repairs and installations. Summers in Canada can be just as brutal as its winters. Make sure your family stays safe and comfortable in your home. We offer free estimates on all of our work to give you peace of mind and our honest integrity. Contact us today to schedule your air conditioning appointment.


Our Services

As one of the top HVAC companies in Ontario, we strive to bring you top-tier air conditioning services. Here are the services we offer to our clients.


Throughout your air conditioner's life, it will require some repairs to stay functional. There are many moving parts that can become damaged. We will thoroughly assess your unit and determine the correct course of action to begin repairs. Sometimes, repair costs are more than installing a new unit. If this is the case, we will happily suggest replacement air conditioners and other options.

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When you purchase a new air conditioning unit, trust the experts at Stan’s to install it properly. We guarantee our work is satisfactory, allowing you to enjoy air conditioning without the fuss of setting anything up yourself.

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Like all machines, your air conditioner requires routine maintenance to continue working properly. Neglecting to maintain your unit can lead to inefficient running and expensive repairs.

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Trust the Experts

No matter what you need done with your air conditioning system, our team of experts can help. We’ve been in business for quite some time and can assist you in keeping your home comfortable. Don’t put off maintenance on your unit. At the first sign of inefficiency, strange smells, odd noises, or lack of cool air coming through the vents, call us right away.

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