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Stan’s Offers A Full Line Of Top-Quality Bryant Air Conditioner

Stan’s HVAC Systems Ottawa

We are your professional choice for HVAC Installation, the most reliable in the industry. We also offer a few other select brands, such as John Wood ENERGY STAR gas water heaters.


A high-efficiency Bryant furnace significantly reduces fuel and energy costs and provides years of worry-free, dependable service. Full line of top-quality Bryant furnaces as well as other high-efficiency furnacesboilers and heat pumps.


An efficient, dependable air conditioning system is one of the most important elements in home comfort, especially with our increasingly hot summers and shorter winters. If you find the repair bills (and the temperature!) are rising uncomfortably in your home, we can help.

Indoor Air Quality by Stan's Heating & Air Conditioning

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is important and if you or someone you love suffers from allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems, or if you are simply concerned about the quality of the air inside your home, it’s time to call Stan’s..

Hot Water Heaters by Stan's Heating & Air Conditioning

Hot Water Heaters

A fundamental part of the home HVAC system, hot water heaters serve the basic function of heating up water to be delivered to areas of your home when needed. We often don’t look at a hot water tank as needing to be replaced unless it’s not working, but with Bryant’s latest models of hot water tanks.


Thermostats are one of the most overlooked but very important aspects to the home comfort system. High-quality thermostats can reduce energy costs while ensuring a more consistent and comfortable temperature inside your home.